Enjoy Mobile Freedom with Wearable Power

Designed for the Active Lifestyle, GO PUCK makes wearable, compact and durable power solutions for your mobile devices.

Power your favorite devices

Keep all your USB-Powered devices running and charge 2 devices at same time

Compact yet Powerful

Small enough to fit easily in your pocket and still capable of charging an iPhone 5 over four times

Extremely Versatile

Clip, strap or mount the GO PUCK wherever to power your devices securely & handsfree

With GO PUCK, here’s what you can enjoy


With the rise in more powerful smartphones, wearable technologies and point-of-view cameras, the need for easy-integration of personal power arose. With the Active Mount, you can clip, strap or screw the GO PUCK where you need it most


With your active lifestyle, you probably appreciate fast action. We created the GO PUCK with a 2amp rapid output to charge your devices about twice as fast as your wall outlet


You demand durability from the products you use–and we’ve delivered. Our products go through rigorous testing to prove they can take a beating and can still thrive


After making the form factor small enough to fit in your pocket, the GO PUCK had to be able to store enough energy to charge your mobile devices multiple times a day–and they do


To conveniently carry around an external battery to power all your mobile devices, we had to make sure the GO PUCK was light-weight and that it could fit in your pocket


If you’re on this site, you probably own multiple USB-powered gadgets, like an action cam, tablet, portable audio player and other USB-powered devices. Thankfully, the GO PUCK can charge them all.

Mountable and Wearable Power

Wear the power

The Active Lifestyle is on the go and in many cases, with their hands full. So we made sure our power solution would give them a hands-free, convenient experience. Simply clip the GO PUCK to your belt or strap.

Mount the power

In other cases, we may choose to mount the power elsewhere, such as on a tripod to provide a secured location for charging your devices. Conveniently mount the GO PUCK on a band or with a screw.

Holding the power

Capable of withstanding 50 G’s or 25 lbs. of pull force, we are confident our Active Mounts can support your usage. With two Active Mounts, you can easily integrate the GO PUCK into your action camera setup.

With a GO PUCK 5X, here are approximates of how many times you can charge these popular devices:

iPhone 5




What Our Customers are Saying

“It has literally changed my life! It’s small and easy to carry, and is nice and light so it doesn’t add much weight or bulk to my bag. I highly recommend this product for anyone who travels a lot and needs their devices to stay powered up for long periods of time.”


“I LOVE my GOPUCK!!! My phone batteries used to die at least once a day and I would miss important calls and messages. ever since I got my GOPUCK, I have not had this problem, it is a must have!! Easy to travel with and super helpful for long business trips and vacations where you won’t have immediate access to outlets to charge your products!”


“I have been using a puck now for about 4 months and it has definitely saved me on a number of occasions. Its been great especially on vacation as i could charge my GoPro and my iPad at the same time and we were able to get all of our shots while in Mexico. Supper stoked on this little gem.”


“I’ve had this for a while now, and love it! It has a rubbery like surface that makes it easy to grip, super durable, and fits perfect in the palm of your hand. I have a Galaxy S3 and am able to charge my phone three or four times on one full charge. Its also nice that I can charge my Gopro and my phone at the same time. Or you can charge a tablet while on a plane flight.”


With a record of revolutionizing battery technology for the world’s fastest cars, including every IndyCar, the GO PUCK team—passionate about light, fast and powerful products—set out to create
the Action Sport Battery.

Welcome to the World of GO PUCK

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The GO PUCK Story

The journey in pioneering light-weight, lithium-ion batteries started back in 1999 when GO PUCK founder, Blake Fuller, raced his way to the top of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb to become the Rookie of the Year. What happened next, changed the battery industry forever…

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