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Hey, when’s that new GO PUCK coming out?!

It is always exciting when a game changing product is about to launch!

A few months ago we announced the upcoming launch of our new GO PUCK 5XR. This new product was on a fast track to production. Then, in the 11th hour of going into full production, we were halted because a new discovery had been made.

Essentially, we had discovered that within the same form factor of the new product we were set to launch, there was a chance to increase the capacity (energy storage) by recalibrating some of the original specifications. A team meeting was called to discuss the matter and the decision was made to reengineer the superior product prior to going to full production.

So the great news was our new product would be even better than originally expected, providing you more energy to stay out longer. The not-so-great news was that our product launch was going to be delayed. However, we are confident that this small delay will equal a win for all of us.

We are excited to announce that the GO PUCK 5XR will boast the best combination of speed, capacity and versatility of any product available and certainly, will be our best product ever!

We’re finally getting close for our pre-launch so keep your eyes peeled. When we are about a week out from launching our new GO PUCK, we’ll send you an email.

Thank you for all the support and we can’t wait to share the final specs in the very near future!

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