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GO PUCK Announces Participation in the 2014 Red Bull Global RallyCross (GRC) Series

LOS ANGELES – (April 4, 2014) – GO PUCK, teamed up with Nightrain, is set to participate in the 2014 Red Bull Global RallyCross (GRC) Lites series. The drivers for the team are Austin Cindric, 15, and Blake Fuller, 34, with the first race scheduled on June 8th in Austin, TX.

Cindric, #77, already has an impressive racing record for being only 15 years young. Cindric was the first 14 year old in “Mazda Road to Indy” Series in which he earned three top-10 finishes. He will compete in the full season of USF2000 series with Pabst Racing in addition to the GRC Lites races. This should be an exciting year showcasing his talent and the challenges of racing both an open wheel race car vs. an all-wheel drive modified Ford RallyCross race car.

Fuller, #79, brings many years of experience in racing and drifting. Having an early racing start as well, Blake won PPIHC Rookie of the Year at 18 and from there has won multiple races/championships in Grand Am Endurance, IMSA Prototypes, ProRally, Drifting and Drag Racing–even winning the “Search for America’s Best Rally Driver”. In addition, to competing and instructing professionally, Blake founded both GO PUCK and Braille Battery, which provides the batteries for all the GRC Lites vehicles.


“I feel this partnership between Tim Cindric and I to form a team to compete in the inaugural season of the Red Bull Global RallyCross was a perfect match of our professional experiences and an opportunity for both of us to grow with this sport in the future,” says Blake Fuller. He continues: “It is super exciting to be a part of not only driving in but to also be powering the GRC Lites series. Braille Battery is the spec battery of all the cars in the field and PUCKs will be mounted on-board with our Active Mount powering all of our GoPro cameras.”

GO PUCK’s racing technology won’t be limited to just the cars and drivers. Blake continues, “Having made World Class batteries for race cars it great to be able to offer something for the fans!The GO PUCK will be available trackside to help power the fans of racing.”

The team is excited to be bringing both power and sportswear to the Red Bull GRC Series. Their sponsors include Nightrain Clothing, GO PUCK, Braille Battery, OMP (#77), Alpinestar (#79). To keep up with the team, follow Austin Cindric on Twitter at @AustinCindric and Blake Fuller at @4ContactPatches.

Photo credits: Alison Padron and @RedBullGRC

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