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GoPro, GO PUCK and Intrensic Team Up

Intrensic_GoPro_GOPUCKStudies show that body cameras worn by law enforcement officers have been proven to demonstrate a positive behavioral change in both officers and civilians. They help protect the public from police misconduct, and they help protect police from false accusations.

Three companies, GoPro®, GO PUCK, and Intrensic™, all with leading edge technologies have come together to offer advanced capabilities for law enforcement. GoPro cameras offer the highest quality video image capture on the market.  GO PUCK is the leader in wearable and durable power solutions for mobile devices. Intrensic provides a robust, secure storage platform, working for both on-site and cloud based storage. Now officers can record, store video, and keep their devices fully charged throughout their entire shift. 

Only recently, has GoPro been marketed directly to law enforcement. Petersburg, Virginia is the first city to embrace the power of these three companies.

We pride ourselves on being well trained and well equipped professionals,” said Petersburg Chief of Police John I. Dixon. “These three companies provide the perfect solution for upholding our high quality of standards.

This turn key solution for law enforcement solves a number of issues. GoPro is the only body-worn camera on the market that will allow officers to capture full super-wide 170° video images.  This is especially important in law enforcement as capturing the entire field of view is critical in accurately documenting police encounters. There are more than 25 mounting options for the cameras available. The GO PUCK Wearable Power solution gives officers the ability to keep two devices charged at the same time and keeps them from having to stop to recharge. GO PUCK Wearable Power is also extremely durable and lightweight. Intrensic has partnered directly with GoPro to provide a secure cloud-based storage solution with their Evidence on Cloud™ storage capabilities as well as local storage options. 

Police departments can now have world class video capture, storage and durable wearable power at a fraction of the prior costs.