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GO PUCK's Sent to the Earth's Stratosphere with Lume Cube's Project Aura

Our friends over at Lume Cube decided to take things stratospheric!

Dubbed "Project Aura", the crew's goal was to send an air balloon up 12 miles into the Earth's Stratosphere all while filming the entire journey. Launched before dawn, they successfully hit the goal with the balloon hoisting their contraption that housed GoPro's, Lume Cubes, a GPS tracker and a couple GO PUCK's to power the journey.

Check out the footage here:


From their Youtube description:

"On February 24th, 2017, after days of preparation, the Lume Cube team traveled into the California desert at 3:00am in the morning to kick the project off. What happened next was truly amazing, check out the video above to see what went down!!

Equipment Used:
- 3 Lume Cubes
- 1 GoPro Hero 5 Camera
- 1 GoPro Hero 4 Camera
- Delkin SD Cards
- 2 GoPuck Power Packs
- Spot Gen3 GPS unit
- Weather Balloon & Parachute
- Homemade housing for all to fit into"

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