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GO PUCK Tesla Model S to Set Record during GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma

After breaking the Production Electric Vehicle record at Pikes Peak this past June, the GO PUCK Tesla returns to the track to set a record at the Sonoma Raceway during the GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma!

The last time the GO PUCK Tesla was at the Sonoma Raceway was a few months ago for initial testing while it was still sporting a luxurious T-Sportline Red Leather Interior. Now, the car returns with full roll cage and racing livery looking ready for battle.

Photo from Blake testing at Sonoma Raceway before roll cage was installed

“After beating the previous production EV record at Pikes Peak by over a minute, many have been asking what’s next for the GO PUCK Tesla Model S? Well, we were excited to be presented with an opportunity to set a record at the Sonoma Raceway at the GoPro Grand Prix this weekend. This opportunity will continue to push the limits and innovations for Electric Vehicles.” Blake Fuller, GO PUCK CEO and Driver, continues: “With many thanks to the generosity of the GoPro and Sonoma Raceway staff, this history-making vehicle was given the green light to begin—what we hope will be—an exciting time in automotive history.”

Since there currently is no record for Production EV's at the Sonoma Raceway, the goal of this feat is to set a meaningful record time for car manufacturers and drivers to benchmark against—all in the spirit of innovation.

On Saturday, Sept. 18th at 6:02 PM PST, the car will take to the track and will have just 18 minutes to get up to speed and establish a record. This would mean that only a few laps will be able to be completed and hopefully enough to establish that meaningful record time.

Fun Fact: As Blake Fuller embarks on setting the Production EV record during this IndyCar series stop in Sonoma, he's no stranger to IndyCar since he's the designer of the Indy Race Cars' spec battery.

Photo from the 2015 GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma
with IndyCar Driver, Joseph Newgarden

Video of the GO PUCK Tesla Model S - "Electric Donuts"
Courtesy of Toyo Tires

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