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About - A Race to the Top

Blake Fuller - Pikes Peak In 1999, Blake Fuller was trying to set a new record at the annual “race to the clouds”. At 18 years old, he had his sights on winning the oldest race in the United States, the Pike Peak Hill Climb in Colorado Springs. Not only did Blake walk away with the “Rookie of the Year” award, but his interest was piqued to make his car lighter–specifically the heavy 45 lbs. battery in his car. Seeing how the car battery industry had not been innovated in some 40 years, Blake and a small team decided they were going to change that. After many iterations of the prototype, Blake and his team finally had their breakthrough. They produced an 11 lbs. battery that could replace its 45 lbs predecessor–nearly 5 times lighter! Blake and his team soon capitalized on their inventions by founding Braille Battery.

IndyCar With a rich history dominating motorsports from NASCAR to Formula1, Braille Battery would go on to be recognized as inventing the Automotive Lithium starting battery and developing the IndyCar Spec Battery as well as other specialty batteries for the defense, medical and aerospace markets. With international patents pending on over 20 core technologies, Blake has not only brought superior performing products to market, but also has simplified the manufacturing process through exclusive designs. In 2014, Braille Battery was acquired.

Back in 2009, when traveling for Business, Blake was seeking a solution for charging his new iPhone while on the go, but was unable to find any portable charger solutions that were adequate to last all day, much less anything comfortable enough to take with you. In 2010 when developing the spec Lithium battery for the to-be-debuted 2012 IndyCar, Blake realized that technology could be adapted to make a lightweight portable charger for mobile devices which could be wearable and provide sufficient capacity to charge your devices multiple times in a day. Later in 2011 initial design concepts were developed and testing began to change the way portable charging was accomplished. 

Racing Powers Mobile Freedom: Blake Fuller at TEDxSarasota [Watch video] Blake Fuller Wins 2014 SEMA GEN-III Innovator Award [Watch video]

Now, GO PUCK, the leader in Wearable Power, makes the ultimate personal power solution to charge all USB-powered devices. Designed for the Active Lifestyle, you are able to clip, strap or mount the power wherever you need, giving you the ability to easily rapid-charge your devices multiple times hands-free.