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It’s all about Mobile Freedom.


That’s why we’re here. It’s why we exist.

We love the freedom to roam, to scroll, to swipe, to shoot, without the anxieties of not having enough power. Life is so much better above the red (aka 20%).

Because here’s the thing—we’re the type of people that are on to the next. We’re active. We don’t want to be held down, not even for a second.

We can’t stand living under 100% brightness and hate having to make compromises of whether to take call or not or to check Instagram or not just because you’re trying to preserve your device’s battery life.

Screw that. We live in abundance and we’re all in.

And this isn’t just a discussion about our mobile devices. It’s much deeper than that.

We want to thrive.

We want to live life to the fullest.

We want our freedom.

We view the challenges we face in life as new skills we’re about to acquire.

Every obstacle we overcome, every new trick we land, every new item we cross off our bucket list is another piece of coal we add to our fire that keeps us blazin’ and utterly stoked.

Progression is the name of the game.

It’s our breakthroughs that give us our freedoms because we know nothing can hold us back.

Yes. We are in the pursuit of Mobile Freedom.

Here at GO PUCK, we love meeting like-minded individuals who believe what we believe.

And if we’re talking to your soul, we should definitely link up.

We have multiple ways that we can collaborate too.

Let’s do this. Pick your steelo:


We use Hookit to manage our Athlete Support. Hit us up through there!

See ya on the other side!

Not an athlete, fill out our application here: gopuck.com/sponsorship

Affiliate Program

So you might not be a baller but you’re a balla! We respect that. Make that bank.

Go here to get involved: gopuck.com/affiliate

Content Team
Do you find yourself always behind the lens, capturing the shots? You might consider joining GO PUCK’s Content Team.

Awesome. We are always looking for retailers and distributors who align with the brand and culture to help share the experience with the world. If you are interested in working with GO PUCK nationally or internationally, please contact us here.

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