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Working with content producers has always been essential to the development of our products. Because of the nature of their activities, they put the products to the test and provide great feedback. At the same time, our products allow the content producers to go further and to capture more.

With the synergy present, we setup a program to not only provide content producers with discounted or free product but a program that could also build out GO PUCK’s Content Team.

Here’s how: for every photo you provide us that that is GO PUCK related, you’re eligible to receiving a 10% discount.

(The point is, you’re already creating content on consistent basis, in probably really cool places. So for you to snap a photo of your GO PUCK every now and then should be easy and can really pay off!)

So here’s the breakdown:

If you provide us 2 photos to use, you can get 20% off toward your order of a GO PUCK 5X.

Or, if you provide 10 photos to GO PUCK, you can get 100% off towards the unit!

Here are photo types we will accept:

Additional points to keep in mind:

If that’s all cool to you, sweet. We’re stoked to work with you!


  1. Fill out application below:

  2. Submit photos to hello@gopuck.com

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