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GO PUCK is the power of technology in the palm of your hand. With unique rapid charging USB-ports, your guest's can get his or her device fully charged fast, no matter how many apps or features they're running. Keep your guest happy and free of all those extra cords. With GO PUCK your guests can have the ultimate personal power solution.  

How GO PUCK Gives Your Guests Freedom

1) Get a GO PUCK for every room. Allow guests to take them with during their stay. Our provided signage will kindly remind the guest to return it by the end of their stay or see a charge added to their bill.

2) Have a GO PUCK at the mini-bar. Give the guests the ability to purchase one of their own. This comes in a hand crafted zip tight TSA approved carrying case with all the items they need to start enjoying their mobile freedom and wearing the power that will keep them charged and your hotel on the top of their mind.

3) Get a GO PUCK for your preferred guest. Get a custom packaged case, the same that comes with the mini-bar. Give it to those special individuals and share the power of mobile and wearable power.

With a custom designed skin branded with your hotel logo and color, allow your guests to share with the world your brand. At the same time you will make them happy knowing that they have a piece of their favorite stay in their hands at all times.


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