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Mobile Freedom Kits

  • Do you have a large venue or event space where your guests or staff need to stay powered in the confined location, such as a theme park or warehouse?
  • Do you seek a charging solution that provides your users with max mobility to enjoy their experience or stay productive all day?
  • Do you seek an easy to manage, fleet charging solution that can also provide additional revenues through rental fees or sponsorships?

To solve the above listed needs of venue owners, staff managers and event organizers, GO PUCK developed the Mobile Freedom Kit (MFS), designed as a convenient, fleet charging solution. 

With the Mobile Freedom Kit, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased satisfaction and productivity by keeping  your guests and staff powered and connected with max mobility in your space
  • Turnkey, mass mobilization ready with 25-unit kits in waterproof Pelican cases, easy to deploy wherever
  • Similar to many venues with rentable strollers and snow gear, renting power out and collecting payment with a security deposit is easy to implement
  • Keep costs low by investing in swappable mobile power rather than more devices (e.g. iPads)
  • Enjoy peace of mind for by relieving your  guests and staff of "dead device" anxiety
  • Experience convenient charging by providing the easy to wear, mount or store, handsfree units
  • Reduce wait times with fast-speed recharging capabilities and easy swapping of units
  • Stay future proof and scalable with modular design
  • Enjoy versatility with ability to charge up to two USB-Powered devices at once
  • Option to co-brand units provides prime real estate for increasing brand awareness or a means for generating sponsorship revenue 

The Mobile Freedom Kit is a ideal for the following locations:

  • Big venues that rent out equipment like Ski Resorts or Theme Parks
  • Sporting arenas
  • Trade shows
  • Job sites
  • Warehouses

To get your guests satisfied and your workforce productive, the need to stay powered and connected to devices has never been greater.  

By taking the necessary steps to provide mobile power to your guests, you will enable them to stay longer, increase spending and increase your social media reach. 

Empower your guests and staff today!

(Available for lease or purchase)

To learn how you can get a Mobile Freedom Kit or get more information, please submit your contact information below:

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