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In case of power outage, be prepared to stay connected.

For Florida residents, we're offering a 2-for-1 Special on our 5X Model. As an added bonus, we'll also give a free Waterproof Bag to keep your devices dry (a total value savings over $100).

With an averagy of 1-2 days for ground delivery to Florida residents from our Sarasota Headquarters, please order before Thursday (9/7/17).

To get the 2-for-1 on 5X's plus free Waterproof Bag and free ground Shipping/Handling for Florida residents, follow these 2 steps:

STEP 1) Add two 5X models and one Waterproof Bag to your cart

STEP 2) At the Checkout Page, use code: IRMA

Here's a demonstration on how to add discount "IRMA" code at Checkout Page:

Interested in a more robost solution? Check out our Mobile Freedom Kits offering 25 units with a case and power supply.  


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